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Juniper Enterprises LLC specializes in women’s health enhancement through Jade Egg exercises, a product based on an ancient Chinese practice. Our mission is to connect with every woman who is in pursuit of complete health andincreased self-confidence.

The use of the Jade Eggs is little known in Western society yet offers many health benefits through a natural, cost-effective alternative to the usual array of prescriptions drugs with unwanted side effects or invasive surgical procedures. The Jade Eggs exercises are designed to help isolate and strengthen the vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles to help women of all ages increase their overall health. When used properly and regularly, the practice increases the ease of childbirth, expedites post-childbirth recovery, enhances sexual experiences and stamina, and cures many types of incontinence while being more targeted and efficient than Kegel exercises.

Women of all ages can benefit from the total overall health improvements the Jade Eggs offer.

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