I feel deeply grateful to have found the Jade Eggs, a purely luminous, and as I testify, a life-changing tool. I received the Queen set for my 27th birthday from my fiancée. At first I was just astonished by the beauty of each individual egg, holding and admiring the smoothed stone. The excitement of experimenting with the different sizes and techniques you have supplied me with is always new and the progress is felt right away. Immediate benefits of using the eggs (it is the most regular exercise I do!) are permeating my whole healthy being, and our sex life is blossoming. I’d like to share my experience with others, and with you who made it possible. Anonymous

Jade Eggs

The Jade Eggs exercises are designed to help isolate and strengthen the vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles to help women of all ages avoid the debilitating effects and potentially devastating complications of these muscles when weakened.  Exercises with the Jade Eggs offer many health benefits through a natural, cost-effective treatment and an alternative to the usual array of prescriptions drugs and unwanted side effects, or invasive surgery.  When used properly and regularly, the practice,increases the ease of childbirth, expedites post-childbirth recovery, enhances sexual experiences and stamina, cures many types of incontinence and is more targeted than Kegel exercises

The Jade Eggs come in three sets: Princess (two eggs), Queen (four eggs) and Empress (six eggs). Each set is designed for different levels of practitioners and also to accommodate individual preference. 

The Jade Eggs are encased in a black jewelry box, and come with a velvet carrying pouch. The accompanying instructional guide describes detailed techniques for training. Several shipment options are available and orders are processed and shipped with complete confidentiality in neutral packaging.

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Jade Eggs

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